Visualization of the Regional Well Being Index (European Countries)

Here a description of the OECD Regional Well-Being to be found at

"OECD Regional Well-Being:
A Closer Measure of Life

Each region is measured in nine topics important for well-being. The values of the indicators are expressed as a score between 0 and 10. A high score indicates better performance relative to the other regions"

"Why it matters

There is a growing awareness that we must go beyond GDP and economic statistics to get a fuller understanding of how society is doing. But it is also crucial to zoom in on how life is lived.

Where you live has an impact on your quality of life, and in return, you contribute to making your community a better place. Comparable measures of regional well-being offer a new way to gauge what policies work and can empower a community to act to achieve higher well-being for its citizens."

"What’s measured

In this initiative, each region is measured in nine topics – income, jobs, health, access to services, environment, education, safety, civic engagement and housing. A score has been calculated for each topic so that you can compare places and topics within and across countries."


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